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* Do you know what the CNAME record is?

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The CNAME record is a widely used DNS record that directs one domain name, usually subdomain to the true domain, the canonical domain.

Example for DNS CNAME record

Something very important is that CNAME records are used only for subdomains. You can’t create CNAME if the domain or subdomain has other DNS records, and if you make one, you can’t create more DNS records for the domain or subdomain.

The CNAME record can be used for the following purposes:

  • Easy organize your subdomains and point them to the “true”, the canonical domain.
  • Point the traffic of your regional sites like .it,, .be to the primary website you have – the .com one.

Important, you need to delete all of the rest DNS records for a hostname, in order to add a CNAME record.

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